Kainy 1.75 - Update (December 10th 2015)

[All Platforms (Server Side)]

- Improvement: Better compatibility for Windows 8/10.
- Improvement: Some optimization (Kainy 2.0 -> Kainy 1.75).
- Info: Version 1.75 is compatible with 1.73, 1.74.

[Info on the next Major Update 2.0]

Since mid-January, I've started again this project with a new
architecture/design and a new kind of development. I target
the next level of streaming with this version and a lot of
improvements (UI/Compression/Sounds/...). I added and
I'll add suggestions from users and some ideas in mind.

I would like to release on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, OSX
and more for the 2.0. I cannot release this version right now
with this state but as soon some features/platforms specific
will be available, I'll release.

This update will be free for all users of Kainy?
Yes, I'm not a big fan to charge again with people that
helped this project.

It will be compatible with Kainy 1.0-1.75?
No, It's a new architecture. I'll keep legacy versions on the

I have suggestions/ideas?
Send me an email (support@k...).
I always read your suggestions, feedbacks and comments.



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