1. Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  2. Wifi or 3G/4G Connection
  3. Kainy Windows Application
  4. Compatible Devices:
    - Android
    - PC/Laptop
    - Chrome
    - Amazon
    - OUYA
  5. Kainy Applications (Server/Client)

Step 1: Windows/PC

  1. Download Kainy for Windows! (Installer)

    Click here if you can't run the installer and extract the (Zip file)
  2. Run Kainy for Windows!
  3. Click on Settings!
  4. Click on Network!
  5. Keep Settings/Network page visible!

Step 2:

  1. Download Kainy on Google Play!

  2. (Paid Version)
    Android app on Google Play

    (Ads Version)
    Android app on Google Play

    (Demo Version)
    Android app on Google Play

    (Server Edition)
    Android app on Google Play

    (Direct Link)

  3. Install Kainy on your Smartphone or Tablet!

Step 3: Launch and Synchronization

  1. Launch Kainy Application
  2. Enter Input Codes from the windows application into your phone.
  3. Synchronize and Play your Games!!!
How to obtain the Demo/Full versions
Demo Paid Server Edition
Android X X X
Chrome X X
Amazon X X X
Payments by PayPal

* The "Server Edition" version unlocks all Clients (Android, PC, Chrome, OUYA, Amazon, ...).
Server Edition: All future updates and platforms for customers will be free.*

"Paid": Sale by the distributor: Android: Google Play, Amazon: Amazon web store, OUYA: Ouya Store, ...