Kainy 1.65 - Update (September 9th 2013)

[All Platforms]

- Improvement: New sound engine.
- Improvement: Better sound quality.
- Improvement: Sound bandwidth reduced by 50%.
- Improvement: Better sound synchronization.
- Bug Fixed: Server crashes after some minutes.
- Bug Fixed: No sound when connected outside your network.
- Bug Fixed: Connection not established.
- Improvement: New German localization (Credit: L. "TheMisterX" K.).
- Feature: Add an option for screen capture for old games.
- Improvement: Refactor networking for KainyId servers.


- Feature: New set of icons (Credit: Philippe Doyon).
- Feature: Add an option to toggle old/new set of icons.
- Feature: Add new viewport (double).
- Feature: Add context menu for NVidia Shield (Play button).
- Bug Fixed: Clipping buttons/controllers.
- Bug Fixed: Disable sensors when application is paused.
- Improvement: Accelerometer/Gyroscope.
- Feature: 2 modes for gyroscope (Racing/Third-First Person View).


- Bug Fixed: Mouse cursor display.
- Bug Fixed: Blue screen(demo) when connected outside of your network.


Kainy has been Greenlit by the Steam Community!

Finalized migration for web/updating/KainyId servers.

I lock the forum for 3 weeks. Too many spams, I will clean and update.

For the next 3 weeks, I will not be able to work on Kainy. More info later...

*** To get the latest updates, all versions need to be at version 1.65.

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