Kainy 1.70 - Update (December 9th 2013)

[All Platforms]

- Improvement: All versions except the demos contain full and demo version.
- Improvement: Major Networking Refactor.
- Improvement: Graphics Optimization/Refactor (Tegra).
- Improvement: Add 8 news graphics qualities.
- Improvement: Graphics resolution increased.
- Improvement: Performance improved.
- Improvement: New encryption system.
- Bug Fixed: Black screen flickering.
- Bug Fixed: Multi-Connections issue.


- New Platform: Steam version.
- Feature: Tutorial.
- Feature: Popup context menu when indicators are pressed.
- Feature: Add vibration on buttons (option in settings).
- Feature: Add 2 new triggers mode for button (Mouse Movement).
- Improvement: Add visual feedback when button is pressed.
- Improvement: Add Multitouch (up to 4).
- Improvement: Auto-Rotate supported.
- Improvement: Add Controller mapping (ASDX).
- Improvement: Always use the latest sdk.
- Improvement: Add back button in Settings menu.
- Improvement: Popup context menu when back button is pressed.
- Bug Fixed: Crash when it try to connect (ex: Galaxy Tab 10.1).
- Bug Fixed: Drag and Drop for Toushscreen - Mouse (Click, Drag, Move).
- Bug Fixed: Indicators/Buttons/Controllers disappear when relaunch.
- Bug Fixed: Same page for the 5 default pages.
- Bug Fixed: Logout do not return to the servers menu.


- New Platforms: Standard, Demo and Steam versions (Submitted).


- Versions submitted. Awaiting reply.


- Feature: Add Sound.


- Improvement: Performance.


- German localization updated (Credit: L. "TheMisterX" K./Christian Herzler).
- Danish localization for PC-Server (Credit: Markus).
- Spanish localization (Credit: Alvaro Guzman Parrochia).
- Turkish localization (Credit: XenDance).
- Portuguese(Brazil) localization (Credit: Roberto Alegro/Leandro (TioSolid)).
- Italian localization (Credit: LSM).
- Dutch localization (Credit: Roland).
- Portuguese(Portugal) localization (Credit: Vasco Almeida).

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