Kainy 1.73 - Update (February 24th 2014)

[All Platforms]

- Feature: Full gamepad emulation (Up to 4 gamepads).
- Feature: GamePad to Keyboard/Mouse.
- Feature: Lock mouse cursor on the current window (optional: Settings/Preferences)
- Bug Fixed: Black screen on specific games (Just Cause 2, Saints Row 3)
- Bug Fixed: Sounds crackles)
- Improvement: Better support for 64 bits games.
- Improvement: Some optimizations (Graphics/Networking).
- Improvement: Restore previous graphics settings.
- Improvement: Message added if the server version is lower than the client.


- Feature: Gamepad supported on touch screen (buttons/controls).
- Feature: Add Gamepad support for invisible controller (touch screen mode).
- Feature: Add Gamepad support on accelerometer.
- Feature: Add Gamepad support for hardware mapping.
- Feature: Add option to flip/swap axis for the accelerometer.
- Feature: Add option to flip axis (X/Y) for gamepad/joysticks.
- Feature: Add gamepad selector (up to 4 controllers).
- Bug Fixed: Gamepad mapping offset.
- Improvement: Disable hardware mapping debug when you are not in settings menu.
- Improvement: Hardware mapping buttons map on gamepad by default (except start/back).
- Improvement: Support more axis for gamepad/joysticks.


- Feature: Fullscreen option.
- Feature: Gamepad supported (old/new devices).
- Bug Fixed: Login/Settings info not saved.


- Feature: Gamepad supported.

[Server Edition]

- Add full version for OUYA.


- Swedish localization (Credit: Noah Berntsson).

GamePad to Keyboard/Mouse: your Gamepad will act like a
Keyboard/Mouse. It's useful when you want to play with a
Gamepad and your current game doesn't support Gamepad.

For the previous versions(<1.73) the GamePad was supported but only for the Keyboard/Mouse.

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