About Me


    I'm Jean-Sebastien Royer and I left my job January 2011 to focus on this project.

I spent about one year on it (I got a contract between April and June) and I'm still on this project.

I'm a kind of 3D/Engine/Game programmer. I started from scratch (no third party or open source project). I did this project in C, C++, Assembly and Java. I focused on performance, customization and I've tried to optimize most of critical parts (Phone/PC).

Why I did this project?
I would like to play my favorite games everywhere. I mean my new and old games and the most important, my own games...

I have some features from my backlog that I would like to include inside this project for future releases.

I'm full time on this project and depend of the selling of this software or donation, I will try to stay full time.

I would like to update regularly like each week this application with features from my backlog and from your requests.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or requests.

Have a nice day,


If you want to help this project:
  • Try Kainy and send your feedback.
  • If you want a new feature, send me an email.
  • Buy the client version from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Talk about this app at your friends, family, colleagues, ...
  • Donation by PayPal
Special Thanks to:
  • Eric Pepin
  • zxphil
  • Philippe Doyon
  • Dave Berube
  • Martin Chénier
  • Jonathan Cinq-Mars
  • Marcelo Imondi
  • 'tis "Santeri Passi"
  • Vasco "Vaskie" Almeida