Kainy 1.74 - Update (March 18th 2014)

[All Platforms]

- Improvement: Enable remote gamepad only when you use a gamepad buttons/controllers.


- New Platform: Android Ads version.


- Feature: Add left/right triggers on axis selectors.
- Bug Fixed: Multiple popups on axis selectors.


- Bug Fixed: Right analog stick offset for selection
- Feature: Add Gamepad emulation (analog sticks/buttons).
- Improvement: Add hardware mapping selection for analog sticks.
- Feature: Add gamepad controller mode option (Settings-R3).

[Server Edition]

- Add Android/Amazon versions.


- German localization updated (Credit: DarthLuda/Robert Schmidt.

Previous versions automatically enable the remote gamepad.
Now, it will be enable when you pressed on a gamepad button/controller.

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